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Give. Share. Receive.

50/50 Crowdfunding is the NEW way to raise money.

The 50/50 Crowdfunding Difference in a Nutshell

50/50 Crowdfunding is a unique way to fund your dreams.

It’s all based upon people helping people.

The difference is, as a giver you can become a receiver, too.

This creates a synergy of success that’s unlike any other fundraising platform.

It’s easy to join and has a low cost to begin.

"In sum, crowdfunding is a great asset to businesses and entrepreneurs, generating much needed revenue and increasing the customer base, all the while aiding our country’s economy."

Forbes Magazine


Begin by giving at your choice of level. Help fund other people's projects first. Then...


You can share your project with others thru social media and other marketing methods. Then...


You'll start receiving donations, too. You keep 50% of the donations within your team. FOREVER!

Some Reasons Why you may need 50/50 crowdfunding

This unique approach is perfect for anybody looking to raise funds for personal use, charities, business startups or expansions, debt relief and more. 50/50 Crowdfunding has a much higher success rate than other platforms.

The Give, Share, Receive, team-based model makes it easy.

Entrepreneurs. Churches. Charities. Medical Needs. Personal Debt Reduction. College Financing and Student Debt. Travel. Any Legal Purpose. Plus a whole lot more.

What do you need money for?


Enjoy the thrills of visiting your dream destinations around the world. 50/50 Crowdfunding can make it happen for you.

Debt Relief

Finally end the spectre of living in constant debt. The the past economy has left many with nagging bills. Zap them for good.

Start a Business

Join the free enterprise system with your own dream business. Put yourself in control of your financial destiny and become strong.

You Can Receive 50% of Donations Over & Over Again Forever!

There's 4 Ways To Receive Funds

Personal Enrollment

Your Personal Enrollees

Help from Above

Help from Below


Some kind words from our happy members...

I learned about the 50/50 platform just in time.

My daughter was accepted into a prestigious college and I had no idea how our family would be able to afford 4 plus years of support. 

With the help of the 50/50 community I can now feel good knowing my daughter will get the education she deserves. Thank you 50/50!

Sheila F.

Small Business Owner

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​​​​Get started with your fundraising.

You could be raising funds within minutes from now. Join 50/50 Crowdfunding. Give at the level you choose. Share your link with others and start receiving money instantly. It's that simple.

Choose from 5 Different Levels

You can participate in 5 different levels with 50/50 Crowdfunding. The levels are, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,000 and $4,000.

You can join any one, all or any combination. It's up to you and can be based on your fundraising goals and desires.

Meet the Owner

David Rosen

Hi, I’m David Rosen.

I want to thank you for considering my newest, innovative concept in crowdfunding. I have a 15-year track  record in creating successful crowdfunding platforms (long before the current platforms you may know.)

What makes 50/50 Crowdfunding different is the power and synergistic effect of team building. Here, everyone gets rewarded - both the fundraiser and the donor. Give it a try, it's very low risk.

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Get started with your fundraising!

You could be raising funds within minutes from now. Join 50/50 Crowdfunding. Give at the level you choose. Share your link with others and start receiving money instantly. It's that simple.



100% of ALL funds raised goes back to the community.

As a member of the 50/50 Crowdfunding community you can receive 50% of the funds raised by your team. The other 50% goes to someone else in your team making it a total of 100%. You're charge a small $29 platform access fee every 6-months.


Here are some common questions about 50/50 Crowdfunding.

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Is There Any Pressure?

What Can I Raise Funds For?

Does 50/50 Crowdfundings Provide Me With Donations?

How Does It Work?

What Countries Can I Setup A Campaign?

What Can I Raise Funds For?

Do I Need To Pay Taxes?

Why Do I Pay Fees?

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