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Are Wear & Tear Catching Up with You? 

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If age is bringing you aches, stiffness and muscle discomfort, or maybe you have sports and workout related stress, you've probably have been searching for relief. The popular brands of ointments and smelly gels can give you mild and temporary relief.

But if you want to bring your relief to the next level, you'll want to try the power that only premium CBD oil can bring. That's what you'll get with Prairie Farms Muscle Relief Gel - GUARANTEED.

"Made in America. You can trust Prairie Farms CBD oil because it's Grown in Minnesota, Harvested and Extracted all under one company roof.

This brings quality control to a whole new level - something you won't find elsewhere. Our products contain a 15%-20% concentration of CBD oil."

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Is CBD Oil Legal?

YES! President Trump recently signed a Farm Bill which includes provisions for legalizing the sale and use of CBD oil. It is now completely legal in all 50 states, federally, to use CBD oil for your health improvement. (Check with your State laws locally.)


Will CBD Oil Get Me High?

NO! Prairie Farms products give you health help without the high.  The active ingredient in cannabis is THC, that's the stuff that can make you high. Prairie Farms products DO NOT contain THC. They only contain the good things that can help your health. 


What Can CBD Oil Do for Me?

There's many health benefits to premium CBD oil. Our Prairie Farms Roll-On Muscle Relief Gel was developed to target muscle relief - a common compliant as we age or are active with sports and physical fitness. It's simple and effective to use. Just roll on to the areas that you feel discomfort and rub it in. You'll start feeling relief soon.


What Makes Prairie Farms CBD Oil So Special?


Our superior seed strain ensures superior hemp plants and superior CBD products.


Experienced farming and agricultural experts carefully cultivate and harvest the hemp.


We process the highest quality CBD products in our state-of-the-art 800,000 square foot extraction and formulation facility, the largest in the U.S..

From' Seed-to-Shelf' Quality Control Makes Prairie Farms Unique


How Prairie Farms Products Compare

Not ALL CBD Oil is created the same.

Prairie Farms Products

  • 'One company' quality control from seed to shelf  
  • A 15%-20% concentration of CBD oil
  • A premium oil at a fair price
  • Fully made in the USA
  • Strict US manufacturing standards

CBD Industry on Average

  • Many hands in the process w/o strict quality control
  • Less than 5% on average
  • Low quality oil at bloated profit margins
  • Can be sourced from other countries
  • Could have questionable standards


When health is important to you and your family, using quality products should be a top concern. CBD oil offers new hope in health benefits that other nutritional products don't. 

It's wise to choose a premium quality CDB oil for optimal results especially, when you can purchase it at a 50% discount right now.

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

With a PREMIUM CBD product  - comes a PREMIUM GUARANTEE. Try Prairie Farms Roll-On Muscle Relief Gel right now. You're protected by our Empty Bottle Guarantee. If you don't find it to be the best muscle relief you've ever tried we'll give you your FULL MONEY BACK. (Less S&H)


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Leading CBD Expert, John Malanca Says,

"This Is the Only Formulation I Endorse"

Here's Some of the Benefits You Could Experience...

...ten years of awakening at night with painful muscle cramps in my leg, I now have a restful sleep.

"I am extremely delighted with the results I’ve gotten from taking Prairie Farms CBD. After over ten years of awakening at night with painful muscle cramps in my leg, I now have a restful sleep. 

The severe pain in one of my fingers on my right hand is gone. Callouses on the bottom of my feet made walking painful, and I can now walk for miles without pain. I will forever make Prairie Farms CBD part of my daily health care routine."

- Jennie G.

Nothing hurts, my energy level has increased, and I’m stroking the ball the way I did thirty years ago.

"I have played handball for fifty years. Over time, body parts became painful – shoulders, knees, and chronic muscle soreness.

I start my day with Prairie Farms CBD 1500 mg Tincture and Muscle Relief Gel. Wow! Nothing hurts, my energy level has increased, and I’m stroking the ball the way I did thirty years ago."

 – Michael G.


Behind the Scenes

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